Lidar Calibration

The lidar sensor on a car or van sends out single particles of light, known as photons, which hit nearby objects such as other cars, road signs, trees, pedestrians. Those photons then bounce back to the sensor measuring distance and time to everything in the vehicle’s vicinity.

Even very slight misalignment of the lidar sensor in a vehicle can have serious consequences, so specialists like our team at A1 ADAS Solutions, based in Norfolk, are the people to call for calibration of all your ADAS systems.

This service should be carried out routinely at least every 3 years, or after even only a minor bump.

A1 ADAS Solutions, based in Norfolk, is the leading ADAS calibration specialist across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, & Lincolnshire. Our team is equipped and qualified to ensure that the ADAS systems in your vehicle are perfectly calibrated.

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